Mini importation lecture @3000nairs

        Ella's Vogue concept
Have you heard of mini importation?🤔🤔🤔
   *let me make a brief into on importation*

     mini importation means the importing of goods in lil quantity and cheaper rate ,and getting to sell them for a whole lot of money🤭😎.
   *Do you know* you can get a slayer wear or bag for #400 in china and getting to sell them #2000 here in nigeria😌😯                         *Reason with me* how do jumia ,amazon,konga and shoprite get there wears?,where do they get it from?.all will be discussed in the lecture
 *Lecture goes for #3000*
   *Cour *se outline include
The best three niches to pursue on your mini imporation
2. How to identify high in demand products( never revealed formular)
3. What kind of products to import
4. Understanding how to ship your products to nigeria
5. How to market your products on auto pilot
6. How to deliver it on auto pilot
7. How raise money to start even if you have no money.
8.How to chat with suppliers to ship in good without the help of an agent to have an account with
11.what's an Nbc
12.Having a PayPal account can i waybill to my current location without moving an inch
    *All will be thought for #3000 ,first 10 makes the payment:2500**
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Class starts 31st of jan by 8:00 pm .
   Import from china all by yourself without the help on an agent
    Payment #3000
First 6:#2500