DIY Faux Fur Pillow and RuG
Here is what you need:
• ½ yard of long gray crinkle fur fabric– For The Pillow
• 2 yards of Cream Long Hair Grizzly Fur– For The Rug
• 16 x 16 All Weather Pillow
• Heat N Bond Iron-On Adhesive
• Fray Check– If the seams unravel
• Fabric Fusion Glue– As backup to the Heat N Bond, if in some areas it doesn’t bond
• Iron
• Scissors
Step 1
Lay down the gray fur fabric and place the pillow on top. Use the pillow as your template, cutting around it, leaving about an extra 1” for the seams. Do this again with your second piece so you have 2 identical pieces of fabric.
TIP: For the fur, it may be helpful to start a cut with your scissors and then rip the fabric to the top with both hands. This is because the fabric is so bulky and will rip along the same line as the cut.
Step 2
Make sure the fur side of your fabrics are facing together and the back with no fur is facing the outside. Place one or two pieces of Heat n’ Bond along the inside edge of the fur side of the fabrics about 1” gray from the sides. Do this on all 3 sides of the fabric, but leave 1 side open.
Step 3
Heat up your iron with rayon or cotton setting and then run it over the outside top piece of the fabric, slowly, making the Heat N Bond secure to itself. Do this on all 3 sides. Let it dry and cool off.
Step 4
Take your pillow fabric and turn it in inside out, revealing the fur on the outside of the pillow and 1 side, un-bonded. This will be where you insert your pillow. Be sure to really push out the pillow case fully, to fully reveal the seams.
TIP: If there are any seams that didn’t fully get secure with the Heat N Bond, use the Fabric Fusion to fully secure your seams. If there are any frays, use the Fray Check to fix them.
Step 5
Take your pillow and stuff it into the case. Once, fully inside, fold the edges inward on the unsealed side and add Heat N Bond to the edge. Iron this side down to seal the pillow inside.
You now have your very own, no sew fur pillow!
I love how it is so soft and fluffy. Fur pillows can cost a fortune at the store, and you can get this one for just the cost of a ½ yard of fabric!
Here is my chair before and after. The pillow just adds a soft and coziness to the chair that I love.